Affiliate's Application to promote Editable Web Site Sales.

NOTE: *Anyone can use Our Pages Ltd's templates to create a web site during a 24 hour period, websites will only be visible on the Net for 24 hours unless their creator pay Our Pages Ltd their twelve pounds annual subscription to continue using it.

If you wish to become an Affiliate to promote the Registration Agents' Personal Domain Service (you must have read, understood and irrevocably accepted the Affiliate's Agreement in its entirety), *you cannot apply now, instead you must wait until we display a notice on this website informing visitors that our Affiliate's program has gone live; then, you will need to provide your e-mail address and choose a password and enter them in the boxes below so that we can process your application.

Please enter your email address:


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But not until our Affiliate's program goes live!

After you have logged in and completed the application process to become an Affiliate.

The Registration Agents will send you an e-mail confirming that you may promote their Personal Domain Service providing you adhere to the terms set out in the Affiliate's Agreement. You MUST acknowledge receipt of this e-mail before the Registration Agents will display a unique url on your Affiliate's Commission Records controls page so that you can copy it to set up a link on your web site to start directing visitors to one of our websites.

After becoming an Affiliate, you will be able to use the Log-In button from any of the Registration Agents' Web Sites to check on the status of your introductions and claim commission due to you by activating your Payments Button. You must use the password you provided during the Affiliate's online registration process, unless you have changed it afterwards via your Affiliate's Commission records controls page.

IMPORTANT: *OurPages Instant Editable Templates have only recently been made available from this website. We are sorry but we are unable to accept applications from Affiliates at the present moment and suggest, that if you are interested in becoming an affiliate, that you bookmark this site so that you can visit it again at a future date.

Security Alert concerning your logging in as an Affiliate.

To prevent mischievous false requests, we will allow only three attempts to enter your correct password when using the Log-In button on any of the Registration Agents' Web Sites; failure to enter the correct password(s) three times will result in the Registration Agents blocking access to their web sites from the IP address of the person trying to enter the wrong password(s) for up to 2 hours and sending you an e-mail informing you that an unsuccessful attempt to log in by somebody, claiming to be you, has been made.

You ONLY NEED TO REPLY to it, if you genuinely attempted to log in.

Affiliates can check the status of introductions anytime.
Click on affiliate's commission records for information.
Commissions are paid via PayPal's Mass Payments Service.
Click on paypal's mass payments for information.
Affiliates Agreement sets out Terms and Conditions.
Click on affiliate's agreement for information.

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